The following Radio Stations
broadcast our interviews with Christian Athletes


Station Name



Call Letters

Day & Time

TSN1290logo Winnipeg, Manitoba AM1290 TSN Sunday - 8:00am


logo sn960

Sportsnet, Calgary AM960 SN960 Sunday - 7:45am

CFAM Radio 950

Altona, Manitoba AM950 CFAM Saturday - 5:40pm 
KARI550AMLogo Blaine, WA AM550 KARI Sunday - 9:45pm
KLNG 02   Omaha, NE AM1560 KLNG Thursday - 4:30pm
 KERIam1410 Bakersfield, CA AM1410 KERI Tuesday - 7:30pm

 Be sure to join us each week as more athletes from the world of sport
join us to share their personal testimony.